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Room prices

The 47 rooms are all equipped with shower, WC, satellite TV and ice box. All prices are for the entire room including breakfast, VAT and service. 

Free parking spaces for bicycles are available.

Our e-mails are answered daily as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

Single Bedroom

1 night50.–/60.–/70.–
from 2 nights45.–/55.–/65.–
from 4 nights38.–/48.–/60.–
from 6 nights36.–/45.–/55.–

Double Roome

1 night70.–/80.–/90.–
from 2 nights65.–/75.–/85.–
from 4 nights57.–/67.–/76.–
from 6 nights54.–/63.–/72.–

Triple Room

1 night90.–/100.–/110.-
from 2 nights85.–/95.–/105.-
from 4 nights80.–/90.–/100.–
from 6 nights75.–/85.–/90.–

Four-Bed Room

1 night100.–/120.–
from 2 nights95.–/115.–
from 4 nights90.–/105.–
from 6 nights85.–/100.–